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Vasco, MD, runner

The massage was great Mandy, and being able to do it from home is certainly a selling point!

Jono, runner, super sports massage from start to finish. Highly recommend Mandy

James, business owner, ironman

Mandy provided nutritional advice and support on my challenge to become an Ironman. I highlighted nutrition as being the biggest single obstacle and worked with Mandy to devise a nutrition plan to meet the demands of my training and aid my recovery. I never felt nutritionally depleted during the event which was amazing and I attribute this fully to Mandy’s expert advice. Thank you very much.

Stephanie - I started coming to see Mandy for a long-term jaw pain issue. She helped me achieve relief from pain and increased motion in the TMJ

I'm looking forward to the athletics season, long-distance cycling and running.


I'm also kayaking the lower Zambezi for the Tusk Trust Fund (conservation of wildlife and community education). Please click here to read more (and donate if you can)

Business is open as normal throughtout the Summer. 

Zoom eHealth sessions (designed to complement hands-on sessions) are always available to book online.


Nutrition consultations and sports nutrition are available face-to-face or via video call such as zoom, microsoft teams, WhatsApp.


Protocols required for client safety apply as follows:

Prior to your appointment a prescreening and GDPR form will need to be completed and returned. When you book an appointment a form will automatically be sent to you. 

Payment should be made prior to your face-to-face appointment. Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment.

For the clinic appointment:

Please ensure you have comfortable underwear and/or bring running shorts to wear

Drinking water is provided

I will continue to wear an apron for appointments

The clinic room will be cleaned and ventilated for 15 minutes between clients 


Any aftercare advice can be confirmed via email

Please stay safe and look after yourselves

If you have any questions I'm happy to help, contact Mandy on 07747 722 171 




I'm Mandy, founder of Mandy Hurworth Nutrition & Massage (formally Green Banana Nutrition and Massage).


    The idea was born out of my passion for a holistic approach to health, using my clinical massage and nutrition skills. As a sports enthusiast, I enjoy hockey, tennis, golf, running, yoga, skiing and catching the occasional wave! I have taken part in the London Marathon, Ride London, open water swimming and triathlons. I have recently been selected for the England Masters hockey squad 2024.


My philosophy is to look after the body inside and out. Nutrition can help keep the body in good condition, help recovery and repair after physical activity or injury. The body can hold emotion such as stress or anxiety in the soft tissues and this can also be felt through the gut (from butterflies to IBS). Clinical and myofascial massage can help the body and mind unwind. Treating the body inside and out rebalances and prepares you, whether that be to run a marathon or feel less stressed.


Pain can be very frustrating.  Whether you have an injury or a persistent pain condition, let me help you recover.


I am a Jing Method™ advanced clinical massage therapist, trained at the Jing School of Massage, qualified to treat a range of acute and persistent musculoskeletal pain conditions. 


These include low back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, knee pain, ligament and tendon issues, whiplash, carpal tunnel, temporomandibular pain and many other ongoing injury or pain conditions.


The Jing Method™ is a partnership between you, the client, and me (your therapist) where we work together focussing on decreasing your daily pain whilst improving your joint range of movement (ROM) and ability to carry out daily activities over a series of treatments. 


The techniques I use include fascial release (indirect and direct), muscle trigger point therapy, acupressure point therapy, stretching and self-care tailored to you.


I am passionate about health and your physical and emotional needs are central to my approach. I am committed to working alongside you to get the results you need.

I am a qualified nutritionist and sports nutritionist offering tailor-made nutrition advice and support for you.


I work with individual clients and I have worked with Richmond Rugby Club mens and women's teams and with the England Masters women's O65s hockey team.


My Twickenham Body Health clinic room is in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham. I can carry out nutrition consultations in person and via Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime.


I believe good nutrition, massage and mindfulness support the body and mind, giving you a happier and healthier quality of life 😊



Mandy Hurworth JACMT, ITEC L4, STA, BSc, RNutr, AfN, PGCert, studying BTec L6



BSc Hons Food Science & Nutrition

PGCert Applied Sports Nutrition

Registered Nutritionist (RNutr)

Sports Massage Therapy (ITEC L3 & L4)

Jing Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy (JACMT)

Jing BTec L6 Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage Therapy

Jing Pregnancy Massage (FHT accredited)

Gateway Pregnancy Massage (FHT accredited)

Gateway Natural Lift Facial Massage (CThA accredited)

Member of Sports Therapy Association (STA), Association for Nutrition (AfN), Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)



I run a treatment room from Twickenham Body Health. I have worked with Richmond Rugby Club, with the England Women's O65s hockey team and most recently with the South African Women's Rugby 1st XV. 


The Jing Method™ is a partnership between client and therapist which uses a tried and tested fusion of effective soft tissue and massage techniques that aim to reduce your pain and increase your movement over a series of clinical treatments (some conditions may take longer) followed by maintenance massage.

Book online or call 07747 722 171 to discuss your needs


Massage uses different strokes & pressure to manipulate the layers of muscle and other soft tissues and can help:

  • Relieve pain

  • Alleviate postural tension

  • Improve suppleness, flexibility and mobility 

  • Address muscular imbalances        

  • Muscle recovery and prevent injury 

  • Relax tired, tight muscles

Massage treatments utilise a combination of The Jing Method techniques which allows treatments be adapted to your needs.

Pressure is adjusted according to the techniques used and depending what your needs are. I incorporate trigger point, acupressure, stretching and muscle energy techniques during massage to release fascial restrictions and tense areas.

Types of massage available:








To find out more about the types of massage available, read my blog HERE



  • Improved diet, weight loss and weight management 

  • Blood sugar management (pre-diabetes)

  • Better sports performance

  • Blood cholesterol management 

  • Boosts energy levels 

  • Healthy heart, strong bones & muscles

  • Healthy digestive system

  • Boost immunity

  • Hormonal balance


NUTRITION - how I can help?

  • Coaching for weight control

  • Nutrition to suit your lifestyle

  • Sports nutrition for training & events

  • Healthier sustainable choices, snacking control

How does it work?

  • Free 15 minute call to assess your needs and see how I can help

  • Nutrition consultation 

  • Review session

  • Analysis of food diary

  • 10 Week Nutrition Transition

Twickenham Body Health Clinic is based in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, or consultations and reviews can be held over the phone or by video call.

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Kathryn, Police Officer, hockey player & cyclist

I’ve had Mandy work on me several times now. Mandy is really quick to identify the problem knotty spots & knows just what to do to tackle them. She has a really calming manner and hands/ forearms that work magic, applying just the right, satisfying amount of pressure that you know it's doing good. Writing this now reminds me I need to book another session! 

Katie, Director, busy mum

Fantastic massage from Mandy. She sorted out all my knots, aches & pains, leaving me feeling relaxed & ready to face the world!     Highly recommended

The massage was great Mandy, and being able to do it from home is certainly a selling point! 



I started coming to see Mandy for a long-term jaw pain issue. She helped me achieve relief from pain and increased motion in the TMJ

Vasco, MD, Runner

James, business owner, ironman


Mandy provided nutritional advice and support on my challenge to become an Ironman. I highlighted nutrition as being the biggest single obstacle and worked with Mandy to devise a nutrition plan to meet the demands of my training and aid my recovery. I never felt nutritionally depleted during the event which was amazing and I attribute this fully to Mandy’s expert advice. Thank you very much.


 Massage 60 minutes

  • Sports Massage

  • Deep Tissue massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • TMD




  • Initial Nutrition Consultation (1 hr)


 Nutrition Lite

  • Initial Nutrition Consultation (1 hr)

  • Nutrition Review session (45 mins)

 Ultimate Nutrition

  • Initial Nutrition Consultation (1 hr)

  • Nutrition Review session (45 mins)

  • Dietary Analysis session (1h 15 mins)

  • Nutrition Review session (45 mins)


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